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“Enter the NatGas Cartel”

The Petro-Dollar defacto standard is coming to an end, the low oil price a fatal blow. The entire Gulf Arab region is in turmoil, more evidence of the dead Petro-Dollar. The void has created an opportunity for a new energy cartel, led by the East. Entering the picture is the NatGas Cartel led by Russia, Iran, and Qatar, in a stage of current formation. A spectacular failure in Saudi Arabia will feature their bankruptcy, their lust to steal Yemen energy deposits, their fraudulent ARAMCO stock offering, and aggression within the Gulf region. The Saudi Arabian connection to the USGovt has been the basis of the Petro-Dollar for 42 years. The Gulf oil monarchies are fractured, as they individually scramble to find new partners, all unity gone. Qatar is well positioned with respect to Iran, Russia, and Europe. The Saudis have no friends, even tossed under the bus by the Washington NeoCons. The NatGas Cartel will not be USDollar-based:  IT FILLS THE VOID. The Natural Gas Cartel will feature payments in Chinese RMB, Russian Ruble, and later Gold Trade Note. The connection with Western Europe assures usage of the Euro currency eventually. The hurdles to obstruct the new natural gas cartel erected by the USGovt will fail. Enter the dawn of the new energy cartel from the East, which will introduce Gold in trade.

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