I am sorry to say, Prof FARREL know nothing in term of War reparation and conclusion of War.

French having been victorious, France could have asked all the german country. Do not forget, Austria surrender to France in 1917. France did not accepted the  surrender because of the US and GB.. US and GB needed a weak france and a second World War.

The amount of money asked to the german, once again an idea of US and GB, the German chancellor knew and said they will never pay, they will instead destroy their economy. So they did.

They never paid for WW I and never paid for WW II.

BUT…… Look Germany received money for War reparation .. YES!

The guilyiest Germany provocator of two World War received a special reward for all deeds and honors, half of all created €uro.


European coup d’état « Kohl+  Delors ».

Why do Prof. Farrell forget this trivial Matters?

Because he do not know continental rules of engagement and end of war by land seizure and ownership.

There would have been no second World War, no WW II, if France would have been far greater. Original France (land of the Francs) would have been restore ( Germany + France = Historical country of the Francs) plus Austria.

So when it comes to the treaty of Versailles, come ask me what is real and what is comedy.

Prof. Farrell know Treaty of Versailles through movies and that is not enough to understand continental powers, and continental history.

This has to be written.

There is more on Treat of Versailles, think again, long before WW I..

Think again!

So if you listen Prof.  Farrel , do listen, takle notes, but modulated the speech by historical facts, some are here.

If you are interested in WW I and WW II, remember that german troups did killed civilians by the thousands, burnt the factories to ground, against all War Laws.

Saxons, know and respect no laws.

Seek no war, it is not a civilized way to act.







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